Design & Construction of Kitchen & Bathrooms

Vida Design can work with you on your New Build or Renovation providing advice on Planning, Layout & Product selection of your Kitchen & Bathroom to producing Auto cad plans for construction.

We can work in conjuntion with your builder on the Interior detail of your New build, or directly with you to re-design and construct your Kitchen and Bathroom to be a space for you to create, entertain, relax and enjoy.

 Visualising and collating original concepts to amplify your space –  Our Designs always consider ergonomics,  selection of Finishes to suit your lifestyle and producing best results to budget.

We have relationships with select builders, direct contractors and craftspeople developed over 15 years whom we can introduce to you and work together with for quotations and the construction of your desired design.

Colour Consultation

Interior  – $150 – 1 hour onsite consultation. Includes Colour and paint type specifications for all rooms and surfaces to be painted including walls, ceilings, skirtings, architraves, window frames. All selections are presented onsite on the day of consultation, Print out of Paint types and locations with colour samples posted to Client within 2 days.

Exterior – $140 – Onsite consultation. Generally begins with a discussion with Clients about concept “feel” to be created with the new scheme to the exterior, selections of Colour are then confirmed at different locations around the home (as colour will lighten on expanses externally)and then presented to Clients on the day of consultation. Within 2 days a schedule of Colour, paint type, locations and colour samples are posted.

Furnishing Concepts   On site or by Plan Consultations for new build.

We can source & supply single Furniture pieces to complete Furniture/Furnishing packages to fitout your new home or Renovation with quality, affordable pieces.

We have many suppliers & wholesalers whom we hand select all Furnishings from before sale to offer you quality, comfortable pieces of lasting design to complete your spaces.

An initial meeting either onsite or with Construction plans is arranged to discuss Concept ideas, Furniture required and budgets.  We can advise layout options, Furnishing ideas, colourings and finishes that is then further developed for presentation within 5 days.

This includes Room by Room concepts boards with images of selected pieces, Furniture schedule, Costs & product specifications.  These help to further visualize that each space will come together with results and whilst meeting budgets before purchasing.