Beaten Copper Pendant – $275.00 D300 X H380

Saki Pendant – Single or dual colours available to Shades.
Yellow, Red, Orange, Black, White
D360 X H180 $
D500 X H250 $
D750 X H375 $

Timber craft Pendant – $265.00 ┬áD200 X H300

Lumi Pendant Copper. Black. White
D170mm X H280 $245.00

Moscow Pendant – D150mm X H250mm $225.00
Moby Pendant, Lge D250 X H280 $195.00
Moby Pendant, Sml D150 X H175 $135.00

Allu Dome White/White or Black/White
D360 X H290 $275.00
D550 X H400 $540.00
D900 X H750 $759.00

Woven, Spiral – D310 X H390 $195.00 Pendant only.

Woodcraft – D270 X H380
Custom made in Melbourne.

Uni Pendant – Crystal or Smoke
Sml D105 X H55 $525.00
Lge D140 X H80 $565.00

D200 X H190 $115.00
D150 X H200 $115.00

Smooth Pendant D300 X H300 $235.00

Industry Lamp
D400 X H450

Seen here Matt Black and Light Grey.
Available in other colours.

Cantalonia – D530 X H560
Natural or Cocoa.

Taos Pendant D630 X H660

Metallic Dome D500 X H250mm $555.00

Tulip Pendant S H245 X D150 $125.00 M H350 X D200 $175.00 L H430 X D275 $225.00